Here at The New LIFE School, our students can join our karate team. Our karate team consists of two varying styles of martial arts defined below.

Carla Lee Rice is a first-degree black belt from the Japanese Karate-Do Academy, which teaches
traditional karate from the Goju-ryu. She has been studying karate since 1996 and has been teaching
karate since 2012. She is also a licensed clinical social worker, who recognizes the benefits of traditional karate in teaching discipline, focus, self-awareness, and self-control. Her classes integrate the value of breathing and meditation with rigorous exercise as a path towards developing student’s strengths and confidence. The Karate community is based on respect and that value provides a foundation for all that we do.

Ayodele Saromi, Admissions Director at the New LIFE School in the South Bronx, is a teacher, mentor and community health advocate all rolled into one. Mr. Ayo (as his students call him) has held a variety of positions in the human services field; including enrollment coordinator, comprehensive care manager, athletic coach/behavioral therapist supervisor
and attendance teacher. One of his passions is teaching martial arts to special education children with various classifications. He strives to find innovative ways to use his background in science and health administration to reach students with special needs, fostering an interest in martial arts, improving students’ socialization skills through cooperative fitness activities and teaching children how to eat healthy foods to improve their quality of life. Mr. Ayo is a 1st-degree black belt in traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate. Mr. Ayo now leads the FitMinds/Fit Bodies after-school Karate and wellness program as well as offers Karate sessions twice a week as a physical education elective within the school day. His main goal is to use his form of therapeutic Karate to positively impact and change the lives of all his students for the better.