The Chromebooks Are Here!

Dear New LIFE Families,

We hope you had a relaxing and safe summer.  With each new school year, we face new challenges and opportunities.  This year, a wonderful opportunity was presented to us.  Our school was awarded a grant which allowed us to purchase brand new Chrome Books for each of our students.  This device will provide a safer and more productive learning environment for remote instruction.  The device will come installed with all the features from Microsoft that are necessary for daily learning activities.  It will have Outlook, Teams, Word, Power Point and Google Chrome.  This is an exciting opportunity we are proud to offer for the first time!

A guide to using the Chromebooks can be found here.

With this great privilege comes responsibility.  Since this grant only secures a specific number of devices, we need our families to work with us in terms of helping the students care for the Chrome Books.  To help ensure that your child can receive help with the device for numerous things that can go wrong, we encourage everyone to purchase additional insurance.  We have partnered with Worth Ave Group to provide coverage in the event of spills, cracked screen, liquid submersion, fire, flood, natural disaster, lightning, theft and vandalism.  This company is offering a cost-effective plan for as low as $34 for the whole school year to ensure that if something happens to the device, the insurance will cover it instead of you having to pay. Without the additional insurance, the device would cost $349 to replace. To purchase the insurance, follow the instructions on the flyer at this link. 

Each child will be assigned to a device by serial number. This is how we will keep track of the device each student has.  By signing your name below, you agree to help your child care for the device and that you understand you will be accountable should something happen.